Saturday Night Dances, quiet, and ....

Sunday (01.31.10)

I had intended to attend both Saturday Night dances (I had hoped to try out my waltzing and swing), but in typical Elko fashion, the weather and roads changed. I decided to stay home. So like me, this blog is lacking information about those dances.

To fill that gap, please leave a comment about the dances (Wylie and the Wild West dance and then Corb Lund and The Hurtin' Albertans dance ) if you attended them.  Your participation in the blog will fill those gaps and your comments will be appreciated.  And then I can remember that night vicariously through your comments.  :--) 

I hope that all of you who did go to the dances had a great time.  I have heard those bands play dances before and I know that they most likely kept you on your feet as much as you would let them.  For me, I guess I need to keep practicing my waltz and swing until next year.

Monday (02.01.10)

Pretty quiet around here.  I easily found a parking spot outside of the Western Folklife Center (WFC).  I'm sure I saw David Wilkie and Denise Withnell (Cowboy Celtic) in the WFC gift shop after noon getting some things.  Bimbo Cheney stopped by and said hello.  I got to say one last hello and goodbye to Tom and Carol Gamm.    

Tuesday (02.02.10)

It is quiet again today.  Found parking easy enough.  The WFC staff is having a debriefing session.   I'll rack my brain to see if I can think of anything for them.  The office is clean and things are back to where they usually are after the Gathering. 

I hope all of you made it home safely to your regular post-Gathering routine.  Did I mention that it is pretty quiet around here? 

Is it January 2011 yet? 

Rabbitbrush Marie