Current Exhibitions

The Western Folklife Center’s Wiegand Gallery features exhibitions offering a glimpse of the rich cultural legacy of the rural American West. 

September 21 - December 8, 2018:

Stitching ArtContemporary Quilts and More

Passed from person to person and generation to generation, traditional skills such as quiltmaking, embroidery, needlepoint and crosstitching have brought a legacy of handcrafted functional and decorative works into our daily lives. Today’s artists have access to sophisticated tools and global textiles that have significantly changed the cultural landscape. Stitching Art showcases the quilts and collections of six fabric artists who have taken great joy in honing stitching skills to create work that beautifully reflects personal interests, aesthetics, moods and milestones.

Meet the artists during a special OPEN House on Saturday, November 24, 2018, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, with a demonstration by Sharon Gilmore-Thomas 1:00-2:00 pm on her process for making a simple scrap quilt.

In the exhibit’s curator seat is award-winning quilter Sharon Gilmore-Thompson who has gathered together work from northeastern Nevada artisans Mable Beatty, Donna Chism, Holly Bruning, Karleen Bundy and Shirley Davis. These women all share an addiction to fabric arts and testify that stitchwork contributes to their physical and mental well-being. Their hope is that visitors to the Wiegand Gallery will come away inspired to try their hand at stitching.

something that a cowboy knows

Lower Level, Pioneer Hotel

The Western Folklife Center presents Something That a Cowboy Knows, a photographic essay by L.L. Griffin, Denver-area artist and photographer. Through her photographs, L.L. Griffin provides insight into the character and spirit of cowboy poets, singers and storytellers of the American West. Something That a Cowboy Knows first appeared at the Arvada Center and the Colorado Historical Society, and after traveling throughout the West, it was donated to the Folklife Center by Griffin to become part of the Western Folklife Center's permanent collection of exhibitions and artifacts. All photos by L.L. Griffin.

Banner image by Rorie Holford.