This Wade saddle is full floral carved using a jonquil flower design. The saddle tree, silver horn cap and silver conchos were made by Jeremiah Watt.  It has a 16-inch seat, 7/8 flat plate rigging, an inlaid padded seat and Cheyenne roll cantle.

YVES LESIRE, Saddlemaker, Paulhan, France
Yves Lesire lives in the south of France, and started working with leather as a hobby while working on cruise ships for over 20 years. In 1996 he attended Fred Harsant's saddlemaking school in Colorado, and while in the U.S. attended the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show where he found his first good tools and met Jeremiah Watt, Don King and other respected saddlemakers. In 2002 he became a full time saddlemaker, making mostly buckaroo style saddles that are growing in popularity in Europe.  In 2003 he furthered his carving abilities through a class taught by Jeremiah Watt at his shop in France. Yves' leather carvings have been featured on the cover of two issues of the Leather Crafter & Saddlers Journal.

Photos by Jeremiah Watt