This saddle is built on a Wade tree made by Warren Wright, New Zealand. It has a 15-inch inlaid chap leather seat, 4 3/4-inch x 12-inch cantle and 5-inch finished horn cap. It is fully carved in a 2X wild rose pattern and finished with 10 silver conchos and silver horn cap made by the saddlemaker. Other features include an 8-button seat, an Oregon cross over rope strap, 7/8 flat plate rigging, and 5-inch stirrups with heel blocks.

JORDIE REGIER, Saddlemaker, Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada
Jordie Regier grew up on a ranch in the foothills of southern Alberta, and soon gained a keen interest in the more artistic side of cowboy life. His father got Jordie started making small leather items when he was six or seven years old and he has enjoyed working with leather ever since. Seven years ago his family moved to a ranch in southwestern Saskatchewan. In the time not spent working on the ranch, Jordie developed his leather skills through making gear like chinks, spur straps and belts. Over four years ago he also started engraving, and in 2005 he had the opportunity to spend a few months with Jeremiah Watt, where he built two saddles. At age 21, Jordie now has his own saddle shop and though he still works full time for the ranch, he keeps busy in the winter months building saddles.

Photos by Adam Jahiel