Expressing Montana

Humans have always looked to poets, writers, visual artists and singers to take the pulse of the world.  Artists are like canaries in a coal mine—the first to taste the poison, the first to fly to freedom. Art generally reflects the artist’s ideas about beauty and truth. Artists are compelled to express their lives—the place they live, the times, the traditions they cherish. Expressing Montana was a 2011 project of the Western Folklife Center seeking to document and present the artists from this place, who make social, political, spiritual or environmental commentary.

Expressing Montana included an exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum, a gallery talk and live concert; an hour-long public radio special aired on Montana Public Radio and Yellowstone Public Radio. Meet the artists and enjoy the audio, video and photos of the artists of those who were interviewed for the program.


Major supporters for Expressing Montana were:

Banner image by Christina Barr. Expressing Montana artist images by Hal Cannon.