Keith Ward, All Smiles

29th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Thursday, January 31, 2013

CPG2009 Artist Photos
CPG2009 Artist Photos

Poet Keith Ward was all smiles as I spoke with him outside the Western Folklife Center last night.  He reminisced about the year he came across the Gathering, as well as the time and effort spent traveling across long stretches of country in search of an open mic.  For Keith, his first year at the Gathering had been eye-opening and invigorating.  It had been the first time he had been on a plane, the first time that he signed up for an open mic session and the first time that he had found a group of people that shared his love for poetry.

He explained that the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is not just about poetry and music, "it's about the people."  It has been five years since Keith first attended the Gathering and after a good amount of pressure and prodding, Keith submitted an application to be on this year's performance roster.  2013 will prove to be another year of firsts as Keith takes the Gathering stage this afternoon as a bona fide poet.  Being included in this year's list of performers has proven that all of his efforts have paid off, and it will be great to see  him up on stage doing what he loves.

Keith will be performing today at 2:45 pm in the Gold Room of the Elko Convention Center.

Written by Mike Gamm

Photo Courtesy Western Folklife Center