This silver inlaid and pierced California-style bit has a loose jawed Poco-style spade mouthpiece (poco meaning smaller). Frank used curved braces and copper rollers on the engraved spade mouth. The double-eared rawhide braided 16-plait headstall, made by Jeff Minor, has a matching curb strap, 12-plait reins and a 16-plait romal.

FRANK SCHULTZ, Bitmaker, Victor, Montana
Frank Schultz was born in North Hollywood, California, and moved to Australia in the late 1970s to work as a stockman and bush pilot in the Northwest Territory. Frank and his family returned to the United States 13 years later, where he attended the Elmer Miller School of Bit and Spur Making before opening his own shop in Victor, Montana, in 1991 – where he lives and works today.

JEFF MINOR, Rawhide Braider, Salmon, Idaho

Photos by Jeremiah Watt