The Western Folklife Center brings you the voices, faces and places of the rural West. Through features for NPR, documentaries for PBS, CDs, archival performances of music and spoken word, and stories on our blog, we tell the stories of people and communities of America.

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Moving Rural Verse
Poem films that powerfully communicate contemporary rural issues, ideas and insight —and, in particular, the subject of water in the West.

Deep West Videos
A showcase for short, first-hand videos of western life produced by rural Westerners.

Healing the Warriors Heart
A public television special that examines the emotional trauma of war through the prism of Native American tradition and ceremony.

Red Rock Rondo
An anthem to one of the West's favorite places, Zion National Park, and part of the park's "Century of Sanctuary" centennial celebration.

Why The Cowboy Sings
A 16-minute impressionistic journey to the American outback in search of the song of cowboys, horse women, ranch families and Native American horsemen.


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