at the Western Folklife Center

Honor your friends and loved ones! The Western Folklife Center is working with TED and StoryCorps to collect rarely told stories from the rural American West, to share them with the nation.


We invite you to sign up online here with a friend or family member who's made a mark on your life, and to interview them about their experiences and wisdom. Click on the StoryCorps logo above to go to the website and click on Get Started to download the app and record your interview in the privacy of your home or hotel room. Please tag your interview with "westernfolklife." All interviews will become part of the website as well as our Archive, and they will also be shared with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. We are pleased to participate in this exciting effort to help Americans document their own stories. Help us celebrate the part of the American story that matters to you!

A sampling of the many StoryCorps stories from the Western Folklife Center:

Wiegand Gallery Story Corps Booth, 2017-2018. Photo by Charlie Ekburg

Wiegand Gallery Story Corps Booth, 2017-2018. Photo by Charlie Ekburg

5 Steps to Recording Your StoryCorps App Interview

1) Download the StoryCorps App
Download the StoryCorps app and create an account. This account will be used to record, save, and share your interviews. Once you log in, you can upload interviews to your profile from the app or using the desktop version at

2) Partner, Prep, and Place
To record an interview, all you’ll need is a partner, some prep time, and a quiet place. The partner can be anyone you’d like to get to know better. The app will prompt you to select questions before you begin your interview, or you can use your own. Choosing a quiet place where you will not be interrupted will improve the sound quality of your recording.

3) Have a Conversation
Follow the prompts in the app to begin recording, and let the conversation flow! Listen closely and let your chosen questions guide the discussion, not control it. Make sure to ask follow-up questions. You never know what unexpected and wonderful new things you will learn about a person—no matter how well you think you know them.

4) Enter Photo, Title, and Keywords
After the interview, you’ll be prompted to take a selfie with your partner, title your interview, and add keywords before uploading. Titles should be descriptive to help you keep track of your conversations. Keywords work like hashtags, making it easier for you and others to
find your interview on the platform.

5) Share and Archive Your Interview
Finally, you will have the option to share your interview with the community. Once your interview is uploaded, you can share it with the world via URL, social media, or embeddable audio from the platform. It will also be added to the archive at the American Folklife Center at the United States Library of Congress.

Banner image by Jessica Brandi Lifland.