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The big green machine is gone

The big one is gone, what does the future hold??

If you have ever saved and scrimped in order to add a new piece of equipment to your workshop then you can realize my apprehension at letting my green machine go. What am I talking about, give me a moment and I will explain.

About 15 years ago, my wife and I decided that we would buy a multi-spindle carving machine. This is the sort of thing that replicates parts in wood, and is used in a bunch of different industrial applications, for our needs it would be applied in the production of our saddle trees. And so the research began, I remind you this was prior to much being available on the web, so letters had to be written, and brochures found and books read about the whole subject of carving machines.

Then JW headed to the Carolina’s for a little over a week, after all the center of furniture carving in USA is in the North Carolina area. While touring that area, JW took in the IWF Show in Atlanta, which is the largest wood working equipment Show in the USA. While there I of course stopped and asked every stupid question possible to any one who would listen and who had equipment to sell. Then I toured every production carving shop that would allow me through the doors, and again I asked a barrage of questions.

When I arrived home, the resulting information was put into play and we began to search for an Italian made carving machine, for these were the most highly thought of machines out on the production lines. We found an 8 place machine, made by Las Scolpatrice of Bove Cunea,Italy. For 28K it was a beauty and very intimidating to be sure. When it arrived we had to remove the roof from the tree shop so that a crane truck could lower it down into the building. The set-up went easy enough, but the power requirements proved to be a challenge. After many attempts at the infamous homemade 3 phase converter we finally settled on a factory product that produced 3 equal legs of power……….and our machine ran smoothly. Prior to the addition of true power supply, we could not even get the machine to attempt to start.

For many years we used this machine, it worked and produced faithfully for us. But the realization of it being to big finally came into play for our shop. The machine was capable of producing 8 bars per hour for us, but the problem was still that of customization and its constant demand for minor changes in tree dimensions etc. So, it was decided to sell the big green machine and replace it with something smaller and a little more fitting to our capacity and need for easy changes.

The green machine was sold to the good folks at Timberline Saddle Tree. It will be replaced soon with something but we are not just to sure what the replacement will be. But whatever it is, we will let you know right here. We will also share with you what it was that made us choose the machine we did, but for now I have to settle with a hole in my shop where a very nice piece of equipment used to sit.

Good Night and God Bless

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