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May 8, 2007

Spiral Concho Comments

MOrning all, things are busy round here so I will make this brief. Many of you have commented on the Spiral Concho issue and we thankyou for following along with this blog.
THE DOMING TOOLS, are made by Pepe Tools from Rio Grande. The tools can also be bought direct from pepetools.com

The silver I used for this is Sterling .925 Silver, and I made a set of conchos for a saddle as well as a heavier concho of 14 guage material to be used for an investment casting mold. Making a rubber mold of the item will allow me to preproduce my efforts in a more realistic and timely manner. Sorry if that thought offends you, but I am here to make a living............never have bought into that starving artist garbage.

Yes the new look, well I am 50 now and I think a look of dis-stinkshun rather suits me.

You too can buy a new set of teeth at the local Tennessee 7-11, just like Dr.Dean Edell is synonamous with inexpensive eyewear. You will note that "Cheap-Dentures" are available across the counter in most stores back east.

Good night and God Bless

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