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May 27, 2007

Sunday Morning

Greetings from the absent blogger. My last entry announced the arrival of Roller Derby. At that time we were awaiting the second foal out of Nate’s other mare Chocolate Overdose. I went out early this morning to check Coco, she had foaled and much to my distress the colt was dead. He was a great big beautiful colt who was a great-grandson of Seattle Slew on his sire’s side and Secretariat on his dam’s side. We were devastated by the loss.

Mares exhibit great distress at the loss of a colt, much like what you see and hear about elephants upon the death of a family member in the herd. That is what came to mind as I observed the hoof churned soil around the silent prone body. Coco perplexed and distraught started her nervous head swaying from side to side, once in awhile making a full arching circle as we loaded the corpse into the back of a truck.

Each wished we had checked her just one more time during the night.

May 2, 2007

Good News

Most of our days here seem pretty mundane, but then there comes an event like a special mare foaling...


Scootin N Bootin and her new foal. We might call him Roller Derby if we can get the name. He had a stomach ache and rolled like a big horse on his back side to side, trying to relieve the discomfort. That is what told us he needed some help.


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March 21, 2007

Second Day of Spring


Mother nature wants to keep us on our toes here at the Vineyard Ranch just south of Contact, Nevada. It wasn't too bad until the breeze came up; the earth's early morning deep breathing exercises before getting about the business of the day. Animal and man will wait for the sun to return which will probably take a big wind to roll the storm on out toward the plains states.


March 14, 2007

Time is on our side
There’s no time like the present
Make time
Time is of the essence
All in due time
Time after time
Marking time
Time and again
Stitch in time saves nine
In the nick of time
Time flies when you’re having fun
Split second
Just a dog-gone minute
Times, they are a changing
Time is running out
Time on your hands
Time heals all wounds
Time is up

Since the Gathering in Elko in late January I have spent considerable time contemplating how we slice and dice this man made invention called time. Our relationships, jobs, mornings, afternoons and nights are digested by the minutes and seconds that tick away as we go through our lives.

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Robin Boies
Robin Boies is the product of a northern Texas cattleman and a city-bred girl from Boulder, Colorado. As a child Boies remembers Sunday's marked by church school and the weekly sermon, followed by an afternoon of Pitch or Twenty-one with red, white, and blue poker chips stacked neatly in front of her. When it came to culture it was sublime opera in the house and Hank Williams in the green Chevy pick-up truck. Boies found herself in Steptoe Valley north of Ely, Nevada, at age seventeen. For the past 28 years Boies has lived 45 miles north of Wells, Nevada, at the Vineyard Unit of Boies Ranches with her husband Steve. There they raised three children, Teema, Nathan, and Samuel. Teema enters Gonzaga University this fall to pursue a graduate degree. Nathan is back in college when not at the ranch after a service engagement in the 101st Airborne, and Samuel graduated from high school last year and has been in New Zealand since September 2005. While tending to the needs of the ranch Boise works to understand and tell the stories of contemporary ranching culture through writing and videography.
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