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December 31, 2009

2009 - Dry Crik Journal

2009 has been a wonderful year for Robbin and I, blessed to pursue this lifestyle in a place a little more removed from the media hysterics and the impacts of Wall Street. Ours has been an every day affair invested trying to stay here, trying new things while trying to stay out of the line of fire. Happy 2010!


                                                              Limited Edition of 30 poems

$12 check postpaid:

Dry Crik Press
P.O. Box 44320
Lemon Cove, CA 93244

                                                                 or pickup @ Elko for $10.

April 10, 2007


Dry Crik Press
P.O. Box 44320
Lemon Cove, CA 93244-0320

Bezner,Kevin                 1993           ABOUT WATER                                       $6.00

Buyer, Laurie W.           1994           BLUE HERON                                           6.00*
                                      1996           BRAINTANNING BUCKSKIN                       5.00

Dofflemyer, John C.     2007           APRIL BULLFROGS                                 10.00
                                      2004           STILL IN THE MOUNTAINS                      10.00
                                      1999           SHREWD ANGLES & Other Undertones    6.00 (reduced)**
                                      1993           CATTAILS & Other Poems                        N/A
                                      1992           HUNG OUT TO DRY                                  6.00
                                      1991           BLACK MERCEDES                                   5.00
                                      1991           MUSES OF THE RANGES                           9.00
                                      1989           SENSIN’ SOMETHIN’                                 6.50
                                      1989           DRY CREEK RHYMES                                N/A

Jones & McQueary         1994           BLOOD TRAILS                                       12.00
                                                         1st Edition cloth, signed & numbered   30.00 (reduced)

Preston, Scott                1994           LETTERS FROM ELKO                               5.00

Quintero, Henry O.        1996           THE ANIMAL PEOPLE                                6.00

Wallis, Sue                     1993           ANOTHER GREEN GRASS LOVER               5.00 (half-price)***
                                      1991           THE EXALTED ONE                                   N/A
Zarzyski, Paul                1995           I AM NOT A COWBOY                                N/A
                                                         1st Edition cloth                                       N/A

* a few signed & numbered copies only
** original covers
*** smudged color covers


Dry Crik Review: Back Issues

                        Winter 1991                     $5.00
                        Spring 1991                         N/A
                        Summer 1991                      N/A
                        Fall 1991                             7.00

                        Winter 1992                        5.00
                        Spring 1992                         7.00
                        Summer 1992                      7.00
                        Fall 1992/Winter 1993     10.00

                        Spring 1993                         7.00
                        Summer/Fall 1993            10.00
                        Winter/Spring 1994          10.00

Add $1.50/copy shipping and handling for USA orders. Outside USA inquire:

Sorry, no credit cards. Checks only: payable to: Dry Crik Press.

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