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Our perfect world, ahead of schedule - let
the horses water! Check-in with the black
Brown Bear in the meadow before you turn

them out. Rattlesnake will be in camp
‘round five to report upon our Character.
Let him be! Tell the children to be good

and careful, Quail will watch and keep
him honest. All we have to do is feed
our families, share with the Ravens

and get permission from Mountain Lion
to stay awhile before we start-in farming –
let him have some calves for his trouble,

for our presence, for this dream of ours,
this perfect world. Last night, it was cold
star breath on my face when I awoke from

the other side of space, that Great White
Light beyond that answers all things with
distant voices, glimpses of faces, leaking-in.

‘Listen to the Wind,’ they say. ‘Smell the storm’s
approach. Watch the animals, you may learn
something new – it’s all you need to know.’

                        after Richard Hugo’s “Three Stops to Ten Sleep”

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