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Jimpson Weed

Jimpson Weed (Thornberry, Mountain Morning Glory)
Greasy Creek
March 27, 2009

Native uses: solution from leaves to wash a horse that 'wants to stray'; roots used to make a drink that was consumed as a once-in-a-lifetime ceremonial event, or when a medical situation warrented a strong painkiller. Poisonous to man and livestock.

Jimpson Weed (Thornberry, Mountain Morning Glory)
Dry Creek
June 13, 2009

Part of the Nightshade family along with Tree Tobacco, Nightshade, tomatoes and potatoes.


Hello! Horrified to see the mule's crackup, after reading the anecdote. Horrified, rather, to think about the potential ride down, and glad you skipped it.

Hiya! Stumbled in here from Fresno, from which base I had left a comment on NPR's All Things Considered story this evening on Datura in Art History. I wanted to acknowledge its poetic possibilities for Botticelli's Venus and Mars, while warning the innocent off the temptation for untutored self-dosing. In process, searched "Jimpson Weed," and got your site as, like, the fourth citation.

The title teased me, the photo entranced me, and the story (of the mule) captivated me, so I had to say "Hi." Your Dry Creek looked so similar to a Dry Creek area of ours up here, Clovis-ward, that I had to check to clarify. Love those foothills! Spring is always charming, of course, but year round I'd say you must be some fortunate cowpoke-poets.

Best wishes

Good post, thanks

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