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This side of the stream of evening
cars and pickups flowing up and down
the canyon, half-lit sorrel geldings graze

the fading green knoll: hollow ground
where native women stayed beyond
these bred, red heifers at the fence

mowing clover and rye like a machine
moving randomly closer in a single sound
of harvesting: a rhythmic slow dance

of efficiency. Each heavy head lifts, one
by one to look beneath the Palo Verde tree,
dark eyes in white faces: remembering.

Up slope across the creek, your father
scattered – mine a decade gone today
as we wander in and out worlds

before us. Beneath the hose-spray,
it is raining on fresh peppers planted
like leafy soldiers dripping from ridges

into puddled furrows – sweet aroma
of wet manure: last summer’s horses
standing head to tail, batting flies.

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