A Prayerful Song of Thanks


 Kristina Olsen, photo courtesy of the artist    

Songwriter and troubadour Kristina Olsen says she was seeking perspective when she wrote her song Prayer Flags, our latest What's in a Song that aired on NPRs Weekend Edition Saturday,  December 29, 2012.

Length: 3:07 ~  Listen.



How often have we all fretted about relatively minor problems and even sought guidance and mercy from above, only to have the misfortunes of others put things in perspective for us. Songwriter and troubadour Kristina Olsen says Tibetan prayer flags flying over porches near her home in Venice, California, made her wonder how divine forces decide whom to help and when. Her musings turned into a song called “Prayer Flags.”

Visit Kristina Olsen's website and learn more about her music.

    Kristina Olsen, courtesy of the artist