Western Folklife Center Year-Round Volunteers

The Western Folklife Center year-round volunteers are an integral part of our success. We thank the following individuals for their support and willingness to be involved in the many projects that come up in our daily operations.

Karen Ash
Deb Bailey
Faye Barber
Louise Basanez
Timothy Burns
Dick Canady
Sandy Canady
BiBi Coleman-Portell
Bob Colon
Patt Colon
Joyce Cooley
Charlie Crane
Gretchen Greiner
Barbara Hayward
Mark Hayward
Sherry Howell
Julie Hudson
Donna Johnson
Joe Jauristi
Rosie Jauristi
John Martin
Karen Martin
Mary Ellen Martin
Cyd McMullen
Patty McCready
Ann Marie Melcher
Kevin Melcher
Ellen Muth
Sarah Negrete
Pedro Ormaza
Jan Petersen
Mark Sanders
Susie Sanders
Dixie Starbuck
Linda Trontel
Jane Wolf
Barbara Worthington