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Between Grass & Sky

Cary Schwartz saddle in the Between Grass & Sky Exhibition

There are those to the leather born
Whose hearts beat to the hoof and horn

From Grass by Buck Ramsey


January 20 - August 29, 2009
Wiegand Gallery, Western Folklife Center

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Between Grass & Sky: Trappings of a Ranch Life
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The gallery exhibition was made possible by the E.L. Wiegand Foundation.

Back at the Ranch - An Artful Life

Back at the Ranch – An Artful Life showcases the expressive culture of the ranching community, with gearmaking videos, ranch videos, audio cowboy poetry and music.

The online exhibition is temporarily unavailable. For gearmaking videos, please visit our YouTube channel.


Over the past twenty years the West has seen a renaissance of artistic expression emerge from its ranching neighbors. Traditions of reciting poetry, making music, sharing stories, and creating tools of the trade have found fresh energy and new audience in today’s West.We invite you to listen to and view the creative work gathered in our collection, and learn a bit more about these art forms as they are practiced today.