Expressing Montana: Greg Keeler

Greg KeelerGreg Keeler of Bozeman, Montana
Poet, Singer/Songwriter, and Teacher

Greg Keeler is a poet, painter, songwriter, and humorist. Born a flatlander from Oklahoma, he was teaching at Louisiana when he saw a temporary teaching position in the English Department at Montana State. That was 35 years ago. In his first years in Montana it was hard to get by on an English profs’ salary so he got summer jobs buckin’ bales. Through that work he began meeting people from the countryside and started writing satirical songs from the hay fields. He says, “sometimes they’d piss 'em off, and sometimes they'd really like 'em.” An avid fisherman and lover of mountains, Greg feels he ended up in the right place.

We asked Greg Keeler, “Seems like rage is all the rage, any thoughts?” Greg answered this question in 1 minute, 21 seconds. Listen.