Vincent Craig
June 6, 1950 - May 15, 2010

Vincent Craig, photo by Hal Cannon

Vincent Craig was a renaissance man. Upon his passing in May 2010, The Navajo Times wrote of him as the “Legendary Diné comedian and sing/songwriter.” It was not just the Navajo people who took joy in his comic-strip super hero “Muttonman,” or those whose lives were changed with his work to combat drug abuse and alcoholism throughout Native America. Many of us took simple pleasure in his humorous poems and songs that talked about cowboy life, tribal life and the life of a Marine veteran.

Vincent appeared in Elko for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and other Western Folklife Center programs many times and people always loved his performances. Vincent Craig was proud of his father who was a Code Talker at Iwo Jima.  Vincent, who would have turned sixty this year, leaves behind a large family that straddles Navajo and White Mountain Apache country.