2008 Deep West Videos

The mission of Deep West Video is to tell first-hand stories from the rural West that are rooted in the values of life on the land. Using the tools of digital communication, these home-made productions are simple yet elegant; they are not glossy and commercial, but from the heart. Purchase the DVD in our online gift shop.

What Do You do Around Here?What Do You Do Around Here? - 5:07

A boy from the city visits his country cousins on the Glaser Ranch and makes the mistake of asking, "What's there to do around here?" Peter Church, 2008


BrandingBranding - 6:27

Remembering the year that her brother decided to recruit friends from the city to help brand cattle on the family ranch, Jane Ambrose Morton filmed this video with Bob Luttrell, 2008.


A Cow And Her BoyA Cow and Her Boy - 4:10

A calf finds a friend in the filmmaker's son. Growing up, the cow becomes a loveable, if not feisty and a bit unruly, part of the family. Cheryl Turner, 2008.


Kitchen on the RangeKitchen on the Range - 3:50

After years of struggling to prepare meals in her outdated ranch kitchen, Susan Church pleads with Martha Stewart to award her a contest prize of a kitchen makeover. 2008.


BrothersBrothers - 5:03

This film profiles the relationship between two brothers, and how the older brother serves as an inpiration for the younger. Cindi Nash, 2008


Ben and Ole's LandBen and Ole's Land - 12:23

A quest to find the family's original homestead, and how the filmmaker's life was changed by the journey. Patty Clayton, 2008.