Something That a Cowboy Knows

Alejandro Solis, Sr.

Something That a Cowboy Knows
Western Folklife Center
Lower Level
501 Railroad Street
Elko, Nevada

The Western Folklife Center presents Something That a Cowboy Knows, a photographic essay by L.L. Griffin, a Denver-area artist and photographer. Through her photographs L.L. Griffin provides insight into the character and spirit of cowboy poets, singers and storytellers of the American West.


Ramerio Rameriz Something That a Cowboy Knows is
part of the Western Folklife Center's
permanent collection of exhibitions
and artifacts, and was donated to
the Folklife Center by L.L. Griffin
Something That a Cowboy Knows first appeared at the Arvada Center and the Colorado Historical Society, and has traveled throughout the West. Griffin's work has appeared in the New York Times, MS Magazine, Woman's Day, Der Spiegel, Men's Journal, and many other publications, and has been exhibited  at the Walker Fine Arts Gallery in Denver.

Georgie Sicking

L.L. Griffin's companion book, Something That a Cowboy Knows, includes Griffin's photographs and poems, as well as a foreward by Teresa Jordan.

Something That a Cowboy Knows was funded by the Nevada Arts Council.