The Open Road



     The Open Road is a series of radio stories from some of America's best loved places in the West. These are intimate stories that take the listener into the lives of people who live and work in America's open spaces, that aired for just over a year as part of Public Radio International's popular Savvy Traveler, beginning in October, 1998.

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The Open Road was funded with the generous support of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund, the Harold R. Burton Foundation, and the Utah Travel Council.


The Wawona Hotel

10/20/00 PRI's The Savvy Traveler
Yosemite National Park, California

Length: 5:32 ~ Listen

Visit the Wawona Hotel at Yosemite National Park and travel back in time to an era before television and radio, when travelers entertained themselves by playing backgammon and cards, drinking cocktails on the porch, reading books around the hearth, or joining in a sing-along.

Urban Travel Legends

9/24/99 PRI's The Savvy Traveler
Salt Lake City, Utah

Length: 5:59 ~ Listen

Examine the folklore of travel with professor Jan Brunvand, who wrote the book on urban legends.

Exploring Sitka

8/20/99 PRI's The Savvy Traveler
Alaska, Part 3

Length: 8:16 ~ Listen

The old Russian settlement of Sitka still boasts an Orthodox Church, a Raptor Rehabilitation Center, and a thriving art community. We visit this historical place and find out what makes it tick.

Raising the Totem

8/20/99 PRI's The Savvy Traveler
Alaska, Part 2

Length: 8:40 ~ Listen

Hal visits a remote Haida village where the elders are erecting the first totem pole to be raised in over 60 years. We talk to the carver who created the Totem and learn the meaning of these amazing carvings.

Ferrying the Inside Passage

8/06/99 PRI's The Savvy Traveler
Alaska, Part 1

Length: 8:40 ~ Listen

Ferrying up the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska is a journey into the romance of frontier America. We find out why the lure of the frontier is so important to those who undertake this voyage.