Deep West Radio Documentaries

Produced for National Public Radio, these in-depth features celebrate creativity, history, and folk traditions. A series born out of the belief that many of the best stories are tucked away in rural places and overlooked by most of the mainstream media, these are not stories taken from headlines, but rather spread by word-of-mouth, and uncovered through field research. Deep West Radio Documentaries are funded by the generous support of the R. Harold Burton Foundation and the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.

The Great Salt Lick

Sculptures entered in The Great Salt Lick Contest await judging and auction       

Deep West Radio Documentaries
12/22/12 NPRs Weekend Edition Saturday

“We don’t pay our artists, we eat them!” 
So declares Whit Deschner, creator of the
Great Salt Lick Contest.   Listen.


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